It isn’t often that you get to compare the job you did as a listing agent, but on this property, I can…

I listed this house last year for a friend who had a relocation package from this employer…I was able to get the house under contract in 30 days, but the deal fell apart right before closing through no fault of the buyer or seller (The lender made a mistake by sending the appraiser a copy of the Relo Inspection Report, which forced the VA Appraiser to predicate repairs for every single issue in the report, no matter how small or trivial. (Which made absolutely no sense to anyone.) My client had to take his buy-out because of timing, and I lost the listing to the Relo Company’s Agent (Who worked for a big brand that you all know)

My Listing.JPG

My main photo for this listing…

The relo company then spent approximately $20K putting on a new roof, new deck, repairing the chimney and re-painting the whole house…After all that work, it took the second listing agent 114 Days to get this house under contract vs the 30 days it took me…And our contract was for $10,500 MORE than this house just settled for.


The Relocation Company’s Agent’s Main Photo

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