“Holy Sh*t That’s Alot Of Space…”

“Wow!”…”This place just keeps going!”…”Are you nervous?  I’m nervous for you!”

All of these statements are usually said with a look of bewilderment as I show friends and colleagues around our new space at 2026 Industrial Drive in Annapolis.


Yes, yes it is a lot of space at 5,400 square feet, but why would I make a 5-year commitment to a space (and a dream I’ve had for 15 years) that is too small for where we are going?

No, no I am not nervous….I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career learning the lessons I’ve needed to learn in order to make this place hum…My business model is built to accelerate the learning curve of new licensees, and lower operating expenses while giving back time to experienced agents…I know it is a winner!….All I need to do is articulate it’s value to the agent community.

So now the move is practically complete, and I only have a few loose ends to tie up. Once they are, I will start to show all those friends and colleagues WHY this space is so big…Time to buckle up!

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