I think it’s safe to say that Pumpkin is the official pie of Thanksgiving

For several years now, We have given away pies at Thanksgiving to thank those who have consistently supported our business. In the past we have done this by hand delivering the pies a day or two prior to Thanksgiving (which can be tricky because you don’t want to leave a food item on a doorstep with no clue as to when the recipient will be home)

This year, I had to call an audible and invite our favorite clients to our office to pick-up their pies, as I was leaving for our first Family Thanksgiving in Florida at 5 am on Tuesday morning. (I was afraid I was going to get sidetracked and end up with 20+ pies to take with me to Florida!)

To do this, I opened a Punchbowl Account and invited our best clients and sphere members to our office for light refreshments and a pie on Monday afternoon. While, we understandably did not get to see as many people as we’d like (our current office location can be a little tough to get to at rush hour…A problem that I will soon announce a remedy for :-). We still had a robust turn-out.

The Punchbowl Invitation gave those who were attending 3 choices of pies; Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple…The results were as follows:

Pumpkin: 27

Pecan: 12

Apple: 6

Clearly, Pumpkin is the King Of Thanksgiving Pies!

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