Why not just buy a franchise?


A lot of people ask me why I started my own brokerage from scratch, as opposed to buying a “Brokerage in a Box” from Keller Williams, Re/Max, etc…To that, I always give the same answer (that fits very well with our Annapolis location);

“Some people want to buy a boat and sail around the world, while others want to build their own boat and sail around the bay…”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with buying a franchise (or a boat for that matter), it just comes down to which part of the experience you’re going to personally enjoy.

Rightly or wrongly, I did not approach the decision to start my own brokerage from a financial point of view…At our current size, I would be netting a lot more $$ if I had simply kept my team at Keller Williams, but money isn’t what motivates me.  It’s the challenge of building the brokerage that I would want to join as an agent that excites me.

In essence, I just want to build a boat of my own that other good agents and team leaders would like to sail on!

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